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If you have noticed your hearing declining and you have worked in noisy environments in the past you may be able to make a hearing loss claim.

Hearing loss

If you have a hearing loss that was caused by work and you need medical services or you need to purchase a hearing device you can make a hearing loss claim for compensation. To make a claim for a lump sum impairment benefit you must have at least a 10% loss of hearing.

If you have received compensation for your hearing loss in the past but your hearing has further declined you may be able to make another claim for compensation.

You can make a claim even if you have been employed by a number of employers, with varying degrees of noise in the workplace. In these cases, the claim is made against the last employer where you were exposed to noise.

How we can help

Talk to Penny about whether you may have a hearing loss claim and the steps that would be involved in your particular claim. We can advise you and help you make the claim for compensation.

Case Study

John is 67 and has worked as a maintenance worker for various employers, in noisy environments for most of his life.


John often wore hearing protection. He retired in August 2014 from a workplace that was particularly noisy. John finds that his wife and children are always telling him to turn the television down, but he finds it hard to hear the TV unless he has the volume up quite high.

Process & Outcome

John can talk to us about his possible rights to make a claim for an Impairment Benefit and hearing aids if he needs them. We can have a look at any hearing tests John has had or we can refer him for hearing tests if this is necessary.


Hearing Loss FAQs

The compensation you are awarded depends upon your level of hearing loss and when you were last exposed to noise at work . For example, If you have a 10 % hearing loss and you last worked in a noisy environment between 1 July 2014 and 1 July 2015 you would be entitled to $18,810 in compensation.



WorkSafe will pay for a variety of hearing aids and services. You will need to fill out a claim form and provide evidence of the medical expense you have incurred or need to incur, to your employer, or in some circumstances to your employers WorkSafe agent.