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We can help you or your patients with questions you may have about the compensation system.

Information for Medical Practitioners

Penny Flint has been communicating with Medical Practitioners about injury law for over 20 years.

Medical Practitioners who deal with WorkCover, TAC and Asbestos victims sometimes need to ask questions about the compensation systems that their patients are dealing with. Penny Flint is available to answer questions you may have about compensation entitlements, requests for reports and records, receiving subpoenas, going to court, giving evidence and any other question you may have about injury law.

Injured people are often doing it tough and financially stretched. Penny has learnt over many years of practice that to properly connect with and to pursue the best case possible for a client, it is absolutely imperative to listen carefully, to explain thoroughly and to keep the client fully informed. Penny is also mindful that the health of an injured person is the top priority and, with a client's authority, will communicate with Medical Practitoners during a case if necessary.

We will not charge for an initial consultation and if we recommend proceeding, we will only charge for the legal services we provide if a person obtains compensation (please refer to our no win no fee policy).

Penny has developed systems to ensure that each client can easily communicate with her and find out what is happening on their case and what will happen next. These systems, called Client Connect and Case Tracker will ensure that clients know what is going on with their case all of the time.

If you would like to ask a question or refer a patient, please either email, call or text Penny, or fill out the contact form below.


Thank you for your enquiry. Penny will contact you within 1 business day.