Meet Penny Flint

Penny is an expert personal injury lawyer with considerable experience helping injured people get compensation. Penny grew up on the Peninsula and still lives there with her family. Penny is able to navigate the WorkCover and TAC systems and help people get compensation by going to court. Penny understands that for a lot of people who have been injured, this is the first time they have been to a lawyer and they don't know what their rights are or what to do. She is committed to providing a caring, personal legal service at all times.

"It is really important to me that each client understands what their rights are from the very beginning. It is also important to keep listening to people throughout their case and keep communicating and explaining; that's what gets the best outcomes."

"I want to be known as someone who will always listen and explain clearly, someone who will always work hard to get the very best result.”

Penny Flint


Company Overview

Peninsula Injury Lawyers is a law firm for injured people on the Peninsula.

Penny set up the firm to provide a full legal service to people injured at work, in transport accidents, as a result of asbestos exposure, or otherwise through someone elses negligence.

Being a local, personal firm that only deals with personal injury claims we are able to give each claim the time and individualised focus it deserves.

We make sure our clients can contact us when they need to and that all our clients know what’s happening on their case. We are committed to providing the best personal injury legal service possible.

Our Philosophy

We focus on individuals. Each case is different and deserves a well thought out individualised solution.

Every injured person deserves to understand what their rights are, to have things explained and to be listened to.

The goal is to ensure that each client gets the compensation they are entitled to, with the best service, as soon as possible.

No win. No fee.

Your first consultation is free and without obligation. If we recommend going ahead with your case, we will only charge you for our legal services if you get some compensation.

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Client Connect.

Through Client Connect you can check in with us at any time. You can contact Penny at any time of the day by email, phone or text and she will respond within 24 hours or sooner if it is urgent.

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Case Tracker.

Case Tracker allows you to find out what is happening on your case, the stage your case has reached and the steps that are being taken, at any time.

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