Five deaths at work in 9 days - WorkSafe urges employers to protect employees

One death at work is too many deaths, but in the last nine days WorkSafe has reported that five workers in Victoria have tragically died at the workplace causing devastation and untold pain to their loved ones. These deaths include a 64 year old contractor who was killed in an explosion at a housing development site at Harkaway, a 76 year old man crushed by a tractor at Loch, the electrocution of a a 25 year old electrician in Braeside, a 29 year old killed in Keysborough when a piece of equipment fell off a forklift crushing him and a 76 year old farm worker electrocuted while working on a pump in Anakie. News of so many horrific incidents occuring in so short a time frame, in Victoria alone, is alarming. 

WorkSafe has further reported that statistics show that November and December are the most dangerous times of the year for Victorian workers. According to WorkSafe's Executive Director, Marnie Williams, since 2005, almost 25% of all workplace fatalities have occured in these final two months of the year "many businesses are rushing to finish projects so deadline pressures might be a factor" she said.

Everyone should be able to go to work and come home at the end of the day. The safety of workers should never be compromised.

WorkSafe has urged employers to ensure the safety of their workers: "every workplace fatality is preventable".